Perfect module which brings classic blurb to the next level
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Flip Box 1

It looks like classic blurb module you know from Divi! But is it?

Of course not!

Here's back side of the module and you can put anything there.

Click me!

FliupBox 2

This one has slightly different look and…

Where is button?

You can actually hide button and have it without it!

FlipBox 3

Box with image background and fixed height via css.


Classic style as usually.


FlipBox 4

Combined background and image instead of the icon.

Wider box

This example is wider and is displayed perfectly.

Crystal theme demo

FlipBox 5

Elegant desing

Flip boxes allow you to control everything.

Theme Demo

FlipBox 6

Rounded design


Looks nice right?


FlipBox 7

This flibox is as wide as row so you can have it big! To this you can also write more information or simply use lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis sit amet justo justo. Cras porttitor, enim varius pulvinar fringilla, ex quam lobortis purus, lobortis faucibus neque lacus ut neque.

Think big!

This flipbox is actually quite big. You can put much more information here. But we're lazy and will stop there.